The OPTHOS GMS200 MICROWAVE GENERATOR provides reliable, highly stable microwave power in a compact unit.  Forward and reflected power may be monitored simultaneously by digital meters and analog bar graphs on the front panel.  Power may be varied continuously from 0 - 200 watts in 1 watt increments.  Ripple in the RF signal is less than 0.2%.  This provides an extremely quiet signal for experiments that are sensitive to RF noise, or ripple.  Output is through a standard 50 ohm female Type-N connector mounted on the rear panel.  A 5 ft coaxial cable is included with each unit at no extra charge.

This newly developed microwave generator features all solid state circuitry, and thus does not depend on a magnetron.  All operating functions are monitored by an LCD screen on the front panel .  Cooling is accomplished with an internal fan.  Input voltage may be from 110 to 230 VAC at either 50 or 60 Hz.  Protection against excessive reflected power is provided, settable for reflected powers between 0 and 100W.  The generator can be controlled remotely by either analog or RS232 computer connection.  A timer to set operation from 10 millisec to 6000 sec is also provided, as is an interlock to interface with operation of user equipment.  For operation at a set power level, a set point may be specified to obtain a level operating power.  The power may also be set to ramp up to the set point during a specified time.  For starting discharges, an overshoot may be specified to allow extra reflected power for a short period.     

The GMS200 generator is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as the production of microwave discharges in gases.  Microwave power is coupled to the discharge by means of an antenna or tuned cavity.  The separate power meters on the front greatly facilitate tuning of cavities, as the effect of any tuning adjustment on both forward and reflected powers is immediately seen.  The generator can be used immediately after power is turned on - no warm up is required.

The frequency of the generator can be varied by +/-50 MHz (2400-2500 MHz) to assist in matching the impedance of the generator to that of the load. 

Rack mounts (as pictured) are included in the standard price.


Frequency:    2450 MHz; adjustable +/- 50 MHz  (2400-2500 MHz)

Power input:    90 - 264 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 550 VA

Power output:   Continuously variable, 0 - 200 watts

Power stability:   1% from 10% to 100% operating power

Ripple:   < 2%

Meters:    Separate meters for simultaneous monitoring of forward and reflected powers,  calibrated in watts.  Digital and bar graph indicators.

Cooling:    Air cooled with internal fan.

Circuitry:    All solid state - no high voltages.

Reflected Power Protection:   Built-in isolator

Output connector:    Type N; female; 50 ohm; mounted on rear panel.

Accessories:    Generator is supplied with 5 ft. coaxial RF cable, Type-N male connectors both ends; power cord; and manual.  Rack mounting handles included at no extra charge.  Connectors for remote control operation provided.  Right angle adapter for output connector provided.

Height:    5 inch

Width:    19 inch

Depth:    20.5 inch, 22 inch with handles

Weight:  27 lb. (12 kg)

Shipping Weight:  52 lb. (24 kg)

Warranty:  One year guarantee against any manufacturing defect.